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Counselling Services Napier, Hastings and wider Hawke’s Bay

Job Loss

Redundancy can result in a change in your perceived status. Helping you focus on a clear path forward…


Physical and/or cognitive changes can have far reaching mental & emotional impact.


This can lead to feelings of hopelessness, poor concentration and social isolation…

Relationship Issues

Helping people through a complex range of personal and professional relationship issues…

Family Crisis

Positive solution based communication can be reached for those experiencing family crisis.


Supporting you working to clear emotional obstacles and heal from loss of a loved one.

Renew assists individuals to adjust thinking patterns, moving toward positive outcomes, altering mindset to support those working through major life changes. Our thoughts determine our feelings and behaviour. How we think, act, and feel are all interconnected. At moments of great upheaval breaking down the relationships between these three points can best steer us through to a place of peace and positivity.